Ni ongezeko la pesa katika Aviator. Mshindi wa kwanza atapata zawadi nono kuliko
wote – Smart TV 43′. Wacha tupae juu na tupate alama nyingi iwezekanavyo ili kufikia
mahali pa juu zaidi!

Cheza Aviator

Bet zaidi ya 2,500 TSH. Kila TSH 2,500 = pointi 1

Pata pointi zaidi & USHINDE

Aviator Legends Giveaway

Terms & Conditions

  1. Fido Technologies LTD (“Gal Sport Betting” au ‘’Company”) hutoa ofa hii kwa kuelewa
    kwamba unakubali na kukubaliana na sheria na masharti yafuatayo.
  2. Ofa hii inapatikana kwa wateja wote waliosajiliwa kutoka nchi zinazostahiki
    [Tanzania] kuanzia 18.12.23 (00:01 GMT) hadi 02.01.24 (23:59 GMT).
  3. Kiasi cha chini cha dau kinachohitajika ili kufuzu kwa ofa ni: 2,500 TSH. Ushiriki ni
    mmoja tu kwenye ofa kwa kila mtumiaji.
  4. Mchezo unaoshiriki ni Aviator. Dau lazima zifanywe katika mchezo wa Aviator pekee.
  5. Orodha ya zawadi:
1stSmart TV 43’
2nd – 5thSmartphone
6th – 15th20,000 TSH FreeBet
16th – 65th10,000 TSH FreeBet
  1. Users may individually keep track of their own points or check the leaderboard.
  2. The points system depends on the participant’s total bet amount, which must be no less than 2,500 TSH. 2,500 TSH bet gives you 1 point. For example, a player bet 7,500 TSH, which gives him 3 points. Each new bet above 2,500 TSH will be counted with points and summed up.
  3. The winners of the prizes will be selected and announced according to the highest total points number during the next 72 hours after the promotion ends.
  4. FreeBet Bonus will be credited to customer’s account within 72 hours after the promotion ends, provided that all participation requirements have been met.
  5. Winners can use their FreeBet Bonus only in Aviator game within 7 days after they are notified.
  6. Notification of winning status will be conveyed to the winners via phone (or SMS) using the contact information registered in the participant’s account. In the event that we are unable to reach the participant within 72 hours after the conclusion of the promotion, the awarded prize will be forfeited and may be transferred to another winner based on their total points on the leaderboard.
  7. The awarded prize must be claimed within a period of 5 working days following the announcement; otherwise, it will be considered null and void.
  8. The recipient of the prize commits to participating in a photograph session with the respective prize, as stipulated in the agreement between the winner and the company.
  9. By participating in this promotion, you explicitly consent to the posting of your photo with the prize for the company’s marketing purposes.
  10. The company is not accountable for any supplementary expenses beyond the prize itself, such as travel costs, insurance, licensing fees, transfer fees, etc. These additional costs are the sole responsibility of the respective winner.
  11. This promotion may be terminated at the Company’s discretion at any time.
  12. Company reserves the right to amend, cancel, or renew the terms of the promotion or refuse participation without prior notice. Changes to the terms and conditions will be effective immediately upon their posting on our website. It is your responsibility to review these terms and conditions periodically for any changes.
  13. Company retains the right to review customer transaction records and logs for any reason. In the event that such a review reveals a customer’s participation in a strategy that the Company, at its sole discretion, deems to be unfair, Company reserves the following rights:
    1. Revoking the entitlement of such customers to the promotion.
    2. Cancelling any associated winnings.
  14. All relevant general Gaming rules of the Company apply to this promotion.

The Winners’ leaderboard for 18.12.23 – 02.01.24:

Congratulations to our winners!

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PlacePointsUser IDPrize
189146956204Smart TV 43’
627107110547120,000 TSH FreeBet
72534485218220,000 TSH FreeBet
82301272644920,000 TSH FreeBet
92274496351520,000 TSH FreeBet
102127729570820,000 TSH FreeBet
1115792113440720,000 TSH FreeBet
1292167859220,000 TSH FreeBet
139149100170820,000 TSH FreeBet
14850395792920,000 TSH FreeBet
158395109461820,000 TSH FreeBet
16800842104810,000 TSH FreeBet
17790192702810,000 TSH FreeBet
18773719721110,000 TSH FreeBet
19764771291510,000 TSH FreeBet
20741029966810,000 TSH FreeBet
21691513232110,000 TSH FreeBet
22652147510,000 TSH FreeBet
235767110780610,000 TSH FreeBet
245307108774910,000 TSH FreeBet
25520947544310,000 TSH FreeBet
264892118523810,000 TSH FreeBet
274728101615910,000 TSH FreeBet
28470343385110,000 TSH FreeBet
29451330902710,000 TSH FreeBet
304354101847010,000 TSH FreeBet
31417954743810,000 TSH FreeBet
32406843036710,000 TSH FreeBet
334001104439910,000 TSH FreeBet
34334228957910,000 TSH FreeBet
35329630972810,000 TSH FreeBet
36323769180210,000 TSH FreeBet
373108117233110,000 TSH FreeBet
38297060747710,000 TSH FreeBet
39293693047110,000 TSH FreeBet
402852114194810,000 TSH FreeBet
412711120418110,000 TSH FreeBet
4227053375710,000 TSH FreeBet
432532105793810,000 TSH FreeBet
4424922547410,000 TSH FreeBet
45243189081310,000 TSH FreeBet
46241583928910,000 TSH FreeBet
472355116039010,000 TSH FreeBet
482349101768410,000 TSH FreeBet
49234879296310,000 TSH FreeBet
50234881854310,000 TSH FreeBet
512328103394610,000 TSH FreeBet
522297118652410,000 TSH FreeBet
532288102242310,000 TSH FreeBet
54228796196010,000 TSH FreeBet
55228244924610,000 TSH FreeBet
56225055323710,000 TSH FreeBet
57220789960310,000 TSH FreeBet
58220079511010,000 TSH FreeBet
59209799109210,000 TSH FreeBet
60205989995610,000 TSH FreeBet
61204686926210,000 TSH FreeBet
62201796291110,000 TSH FreeBet
63197881163510,000 TSH FreeBet
641977102763210,000 TSH FreeBet
65192888110810,000 TSH FreeBet