The ultimate joy of football is winning! Correctly predict the outcome of 12 or 15 matches to win a Big Cash Prize!

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New Jackpot Awaits at Gal Sport Betting Tanzania!
Unlock the thrill of winning big at Gal Sport Betting Tanzania. Engage in our exciting Super 12 and Super 15 Jackpot challenges today. Predict the outcomes of 15 matches for an incredible TSH 200,000,000, with an entry fee as low as TSH 500!
Additionally, you could pocket TSH 60,000,000 by accurately predicting 1, X, or 2 for 12 matches, all for just TSH 1000.

Unlock the Winning Code
To claim your share of the Big Cash Prize, accurately predict the outcomes or exact scores for all matches.

How to Play:
Playing our Super Jackpot game is simple:
1. Visit Begin your journey by logging into your account or create one if you’re new to our platform.
2. Select Your Jackpot: Choose between the Super 12 Jackpot or the Super 15 Jackpot.
3. Make Your Predictions: Predict the outcome of 12 matches in the Super 12 Jackpot or the correct score for 15 matches in the Super 15 Jackpot.
4. Place Your Bet: Set your bet amount, confirm your selections, and position yourself for a winning spree.
5. Wait for the Results: Watch the matches unfold and see if your predictions come true. The more accurate your predictions, the closer you are to winning big.