Welcome Bonus!

Bonus Amount: 100% from first deposit Up to THS 1,000,000

Conditions to get the bonus:
(a) First deposit amount must be 1000 THS Minimum and 1 Million THS Maximum
(b) The Customer must place 3 Bets of Minimum value equal to the first Deposit 

(c) Each bet must have 5 Selections Minimum
(d) Each Selection odds must be 1.5 Minimum

The First Deposit Bonus will be credited automatically into the customer’s account

For example:
– I make a First Deposit of 1000 THS
– I place 3 bets of 1000 THS Minimum each with 5 selections minimum and minimum odds of 1.5 for each selection
– I get my 1000 THS Welcome Bonus credited into my account automatically