Raising the bar for excellence in the skies! Play Aviator game, place at least 50 winning bets with 1.5 odds or higher, and you could be one of the lucky top 100 winners to receive TSH 2,000 FreeBets in Aviator.

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Promotion Terms & Conditions 

  1. Fido Technologies LTD (“GSB’’ or ‘’Company”) provides this promotion with the understanding that you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions. 
  2. This promotion is available for all registered customers from eligible country [Tanzania] from 21.11.23 (00:01 GMT) to 23.11.23 (23:59 GMT).
  3. The participating game is Aviator. Bets must be placed exclusively in Aviator game.
  4. Best Pilots will be announced as 100 players who get the highest point score per day. The Leaderboard will appear on the next day after the promotion ends.
  5. 1 winning bet = 1 point.
  6. To qualify for the promotion, players must have placed a minimum of 50 winning bets, each with odds exceeding 1.5.
  7. The FreeBet will be credited to 100 winners within 72 hours after the promotion period ends.
  8. To utilize the Freebet, the minimum required odds are 1.5.
  9. To withdraw any winnings generated from the FreeBet, customers must fulfill a wagering requirement of at least 1x.
  10. The FreeBet is exclusively valid for use in the Aviator game and must be utilized within 3 days from the moment it is granted.
  11. Provided that all participation criteria have been satisfied, FreeBets will be added to the accounts of the winners within 72 hours after the promotion concludes.
  12. This promotion may be terminated at the Company’s discretion at any time. 
  13. Company reserves the right to amend, cancel, or renew the terms of the promotion or refuse participation without prior notice. Changes to the terms and conditions will be effective immediately upon their posting on our website. It is your responsibility to review these terms and conditions periodically for any changes. 
  14. Company retains the right to review customer transaction records and logs for any reason. In the event that such a review reveals a customer’s participation in a strategy that the Company, at its sole discretion, deems to be unfair, Company reserves the following rights:
    1. Revoking the entitlement of such customers to the promotion. 
    2. Cancelling any associated winnings. 
  15. All relevant general Gaming rules of the Company apply to this promotion. 

The Winners’ leaderboard for 21.11.23 – 23.11.23 :

Congratulations to our winners!

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PlaceUserIDPointsFreeBet Prize
19715511852,000 TSH
22978951612,000 TSH
38823431552,000 TSH
44401751512,000 TSH
53123441312,000 TSH
610813731242,000 TSH
74258231102,000 TSH
810010981032,000 TSH
9448570992,000 TSH
10921369992,000 TSH
11923058962,000 TSH
121010020952,000 TSH
13312344912,000 TSH
14994037912,000 TSH
151023695882,000 TSH
161103472842,000 TSH
171036797802,000 TSH
18500583772,000 TSH
19784291742,000 TSH
201106438722,000 TSH
21951108712,000 TSH
22843868692,000 TSH
23539348682,000 TSH
24737719672,000 TSH
25159183662,000 TSH
261018367652,000 TSH
27234396642,000 TSH
28951108642,000 TSH
291089919642,000 TSH
301096511602,000 TSH
31551235602,000 TSH
32551235602,000 TSH
33944658592,000 TSH
34991092592,000 TSH
35449246582,000 TSH
36838861582,000 TSH
37799719572,000 TSH
38615781572,000 TSH
39902245552,000 TSH
4085073552,000 TSH
41874375542,000 TSH
42551235542,000 TSH
431018367542,000 TSH
44635363532,000 TSH
45612470522,000 TSH
46877082512,000 TSH
471094712512,000 TSH
48119781502,000 TSH
491060376502,000 TSH
50539348502,000 TSH