GSB VIP Champion

Are you a potential GSB VIP Champion? Are you featured in the leaderboard below as one of our potential free bet winners?

The more accurate your selections are when making bets on sport games, the more chance you have of getting a free bet prize!

For example: You have created 2 tickets. One with 7 selections, and the other with 4 selections. In the first ticket you got 3 right and in the second one you got 2 selections right. So in total you have 5 points (3+2) and for each ticket wagered more than 30k TSH you will have an extra point, so in total : 6 points. Each ticket needs to be at least 10,000 TSH wagered to be considered for promotion.

  1. The minimum bet for each ticket must be 10,000 TSH
  2. The number of accurate selections you have per each ticket = the number of points you accumulate.
  3. The number of selections on each ticket CANNOT exceed 100
  4. Tickets with 101 or more selections will NOT be included in the points calculation for that player
  5. For every 30K TSH wagered during promo, an extra point will be awarded to user.

Come back each day to check on your progress.

A player MUST opt-in once to be entered into this promotion

The promotional periods is: 16.05.22 (00:01 GMT) – 18.05.22 (23:59 GMT)

The Table below is updated every 24 hours

Check full terms and conditions

Free Bet Prizes Spread

1st Place = 500,000 TSH
2nd Place = 350,000 TSH
3rd Place = 300,000 TSH
4th Place = 200,000 TSH

5th Place = 150,000 TSH
6th Place-10th Place = 120,000 TSH Each
11th Place-20th Place = 45,000 TSH Each

21st Place-30th Place = 22,500 TSH Each

31st Place-40th Place = 15,000 TSH Each

41st Place-50th Place = 7,500 TSH Each

Last updated: 19.05.22 08.00 GMT
Nafasi ya MwishoAkaunti IDMatokeo ya MwishoZawadi za Mikeka ya Bure
1171066284TZS 500,000
2341344257TZS 350,000
379153243TZS 300,000
4149277223TZS 200,000
5370202160TZS 150,000
6346562148TZS 120,000
7192903123TZS 120,000
8357811100TZS 120,000
99701586TZS 120,000
1037611084TZS 120,000
1136333380TZS 45,000
1235937879TZS 45,000
1333706564TZS 45,000
1423139264TZS 45,000
1538353463TZS 45,000
1637695963TZS 45,000
1733478158TZS 45,000
1815195255TZS 45,000
1914010941TZS 45,000
2024385835TZS 45,000
2114286433TZS 22,500
2237320232TZS 22,500
2338319631TZS 22,500
2420737131TZS 22,500
253223530TZS 22,500
2636664228TZS 22,500
2714103327TZS 22,500
2821083122TZS 22,500
2920707519TZS 22,500
3035224319TZS 22,500
3129455619TZS 15,000
3237270318TZS 15,000
3326495217TZS 15,000
3427872216TZS 15,000
3516680716TZS 15,000
3626494316TZS 15,000
3712785115TZS 15,000
3817687114TZS 15,000
3919911114TZS 15,000
4037284713TZS 15,000
4120856213TZS 7,500
4238463911TZS 7,500
4327865611TZS 7,500
4430776610TZS 7,500
453517609TZS 7,500
463296588TZS 7,500
473385397TZS 7,500
483830257TZS 7,500
491820257TZS 7,500
503857146TZS 7,500
Terms & Conditions 
  • Only VIP players who have been sent an SMS can take part in promo.
  • Only players who have opted into the promotion on the promo page will be eligible to take part
  • The promotion will have a free bet giveaway prize fund of 3,000,000 TSH
  • During the promotional period, a player must place at least one ticket with a minimum wager of 10,000 or more, in order to be entered into the promotion.
  • A player gets one point for each correct selection placed in each ticket with wager of 10,000 or more.
  • All points across the 4 days will be added up together, to determine the final position on the leaderboard. The more points accumulated, the higher the position on the leaderboard
  • Only tickets with maximum of 100 selections will be considered. Tickets with 101 games or more will not be included in the points calculation
  • A free bet prize is awarded as a single bet
  • If a player wins a free bet, the free bet will be credited to their account within 24 hours after the promotional period has ended
  • All our relevant general Gaming rules apply
  • Prize awarded as one single free bet, subject to the following conditions:
    • 1 Rollover
    • 1 Selections
    • Minimum odd per selection : 1
    • Bonus Validity: 7 days
  • One bonus per user
  • This free bet cannot be used with any other free bet offer from Gal Sports Betting