Ready to take off? Aviator Giveaway is a joyful event at GSB. Any winning bet in this game will be counted in points. More you win the higher rate you earn at the leaderboard. Get a chance to win a share from 700,000 TSH prize pool. Good luck!

Place minimum bet 1,000 TSH. Every 1,000 TSH = 1 point
Gain more points & WIN a share. Total Prize Pool is 700,000 TSH

The Winners’ leaderboard for 23.06.23 – 26.06.23 :

61145726231TSH 100,000 Cash
67736418832TSH  80,000 Cash
38864014373TSH 70,000 Cash
43075311774TSH 55,000 Cash
3518277845TSH 50,000 Cash
6281144216TSH 40,000 Cash
5599543797TSH 30,000 Cash
1094913588TSH 25,000 Cash
7326402839TSH 10,000 Cash
76695424310TSH 10,000 Cash
49187623011TSH 10,000 Cash
69603022812TSH 10,000 Cash
74901821113TSH 10,000 Cash
39762820414TSH 10,000 Cash
76746419815TSH 10,000 Cash
40586318616TSH 10,000 Cash
69693717717TSH 10,000 Cash
42792216718TSH 10,000 Cash
75655415819TSH 10,000 Cash
75734315220TSH 10,000 Cash
24014014521TSH 5,000 FreeBet
57317114122TSH 5,000 FreeBet
77752812923TSH 5,000 FreeBet
12717312024TSH 5,000 FreeBet
26863710625TSH 5,000 FreeBet
77828810326TSH 5,000 FreeBet
77584610227TSH 5,000 FreeBet
2506368228TSH 5,000 FreeBet
7179787529TSH 5,000 FreeBet
831217530TSH 5,000 FreeBet
7830556731TSH 5,000 FreeBet
7325036632TSH 5,000 FreeBet
7545755033TSH 5,000 FreeBet
7573153934TSH 5,000 FreeBet
7743053435TSH 5,000 FreeBet
6848143336TSH 5,000 FreeBet
5735103237TSH 5,000 FreeBet
7621602638TSH 5,000 FreeBet
7534942639TSH 5,000 FreeBet
7813992640TSH 5,000 FreeBet
2675172441TSH 3,000 FreeBet
1473942442TSH 3,000 FreeBet
2392831943TSH 3,000 FreeBet
7382531844TSH 3,000 FreeBet
5569451645TSH 3,000 FreeBet
7790841646TSH 3,000 FreeBet
7316611647TSH 3,000 FreeBet
4141011548TSH 3,000 FreeBet
7517411549TSH 3,000 FreeBet
7824851350TSH 3,000 FreeBet

Congratulations to our winners!

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The leaderboard will be shared after the promotion period ends.
Prize pool table:
1st place – 100,000 TSH Cash
2nd place – 80,000 TSH Cash
3rd place – 70,000 TSH Cash
4th place – 55,000 TSH Cash
5th place – 50,000 TSH Cash
6th place – 40,000 TSH Cash
7th place – 30,000 TSH Cash
8th place – 25,000 TSH Cash
9th place – 20th place – 10,000 TSH Cash
21th place – 40th place – 5,000 TSH FreeBet
41th place – 50th place – 3,000 TSH FreeBet

General Terms and Conditions:
1. Promotion takes place 23.06.23 (00:01 GMT) – 26.06.23 (23:59 GMT).
2. Customer must register (OPT IN) to promotion with UserID number in order to participate.
3. All bets are only considered in “Aviator” game.
4. Total Prize pool amount is 700,000 TSH, which is divided in cash and Free Bet prizes. Check out the Prize Pool table above.
5. The minimum bet to participate is 1,000 TSH.
6. Participation mechanic: every bet of 1,000 TSH is 1 point, 2,000 TSH – 2 points etc. For example, you have placed bets in total of 20,000 TSH, you earn 20 points.
7. Winners will be announced according to the total count of points after the end of the promotion period.
8. If several Participants gain the same number of points during the process of calculating the promotion’s results, a higher position in the ranking is given to the Participant who scored first.
9. Prizes will be credited to winners’ accounts during the next 72 hours after the promotion ends according to the leaderboard.
10. This offer can be stopped at any time at the company’s discretion.
11. GSB has the right to amend the terms of the offer, cancel or renew the offer, or refuse participation at any time without prior notice.
12. GSB reserves the right to review customers’ transaction records and logs for any reason. If, upon such review, it appears that a customer is participating in a strategy that GSB at its sole discretion deems to be unfair, GSB reserves the right to revoke the entitlement of such customers to the promotion and cancel their winnings
13. All our relevant general Gaming rules apply.

FreeBet Terms and Conditions:
1. If a player who receives the FreeBet is not eligible, the FreeBet will be cancelled.
2. GSB reserve the right to cancel the FreeBet at any time.
3. Any Free Bet balance must be used in its entirety as a single bet.
4. This single bet can include single selections or multiple selections in one bet.
5. In case the FreeBet is placed on a selection that is later voided, the original Bonus Bet wagered amount will be returned to your Account.
6. The FreeBet is non-refundable, and the FreeBet wagered amount is not included in any winnings. Only the winnings will be paid to your Account.
7. Each FreeBet is valid for 3 days after receiving it.
8. A FreeBet can only be used to place wagers, and cannot be transferred, substituted, or exchanged.
9. Any available FreeBet balance cannot be withdrawn.
10. In case you win the bet using the FreeBet you will get the Net Payout to your real balance.
11. These FreeBets are available on Sports Betting events only (pre-match & live).
12. These FreeBet cannot be used with any other free bet offer from GSB.
13. Minimum requirements to use FreeBet:
1 Rollover
3 Selections
Minimum odd per selection: 1.5
One bonus per user

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